What is flammable charcoal? What is slow-burning charcoal


What is flammable charcoal? What is slow-burning charcoal

About the introduction of flammable carbon, what is flammable carbon

Flammable carbon is also called quick-burning charcoal, fast-burning charcoal, open-burning charcoal, igniting carbon, etc., which is formed by adding a combustion-supporting agent on the basis of processing of slow-burning charcoal, and then pressing and drying. However, due to the difference in the composition of the combustion improver, it can be divided into two types: quick-burning charcoal and open-burning charcoal. Among them, Minghuo charcoal uses a combustion-supporting agent for explosives, which is a strong oxidant. The production process is complicated and dangerous. Produced, the flammable carbons seen on the market are basically based on quick-burning charcoal, and the ignition effect is not much worse than that of open-burning charcoal. The only difference or shortcoming is that there will be a slight burst or smoke when igniting, and Can not directly see the open flame ignition.

Due to the addition of the combustion improver, and because the ignition time is short, no other heating tools are needed, and the lighter can be used for ignition. Therefore, it may occur due to different process quality, and some problems in use, such as incomplete combustion, ignition Too slow, too much smoke during ignition, short burning time, affecting the taste and taste of the hookah fruit burning itself, the biggest problem here is that if the customer can wait long enough for it to fully burn, in fact, personally think The same experience and taste as slow burning charcoal, but if so, flammable charcoal can not be called flammable charcoal, so when using flammable charcoal, you must not be too hasty, wait for flammable to complete, burn it out and use it later. it is good.

Slow heat carbon is divided into: round carbon (the factory is about to launch), crescent carbon, silver carbon, coconut shell carbon, finger thumb carbon, silver strip charcoal, triangle charcoal, box charcoal, coconut shell charcoal, mechanical charcoal and even barbecue Charcoal, etc. All of the above carbons need to be ignited by high-pressure windproof lighters or special charcoal stoves. Among them, coconut shell carbon is widely known as the best-selling hookah slow-burning charcoal, but domestic coconut shell charcoal and coconut shell charcoal are 80% fake. Of course, our tree smoking utensils also have genuine high-purity coconut shell charcoal for sale. However, due to the complicated production process and the troublesome import of raw materials, it is often in short supply and often out of stock. In general, the most used bars are mainly flammable charcoal. Some bars use slow-burning charcoal. Some foreigners also choose to use slow-burning charcoal as the special charcoal for Arab hookah. This is related to the characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of slow burning charcoal and flammable charcoal.

The advantages of slow hot carbon: long use time, generally more than 30 minutes. The shisha tastes softer, the fruit is fruity, the aroma of flowers and plants can be well reflected. The taste is not easy to rush or lick, generally no odor, of course, if you use non-general charcoal, then it is another matter, most The main thing is that it does not affect the taste and taste of the hookah fruit burning itself;
Disadvantages of slow hot charcoal: the time of charcoal is longer. If there is no professional tool, it will be slower to ignite. Even if you use a professional charcoal stove, it takes 3-5 minutes to completely burn through before you can use it. Hookah, but if you compare the smoking of water to a life experience and enjoy the process of waiting for it, then it is another matter;

Slow thermal carbon use Note: Generally speaking, it is the same as the use of flammable carbon. It needs to be fully burned and used after it is completely burnt red. Otherwise, there will be charcoal or sucking carbon monoxide generated by incomplete combustion, which will easily lead to dizziness. Vomiting and other symptoms.

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