How do charcoal, mechanical charcoal, and barbecue charcoal work easier to ignite?


The most troublesome thing in the barbecue process is the problem of charcoal. Imagine the hungry and smoky situation. Do you want to pour the whole barrel of oil directly into the fire! In fact, it is not difficult to grill charcoal. As long as you have an understanding of all kinds of charcoal and choose the right ignition products, you can easily get some charcoal.

First, fruit charcoal

Fruit charcoal is the log charcoal, which is the barbecue fuel that has been added after the cutting of logs, after burning and distillation. There are many types of fruit charcoal, such as apple wood and lychee wood. Charcoal is relatively close to the original ecology. One of the advantages is that it is easy to ignite. Good quality charcoal can be ignited even with a match. And when grilling, it will give off the smell of firewood. The simple memories of the childhood are like the smell of fireworks smelled in the grandmother's stove when I was a child.

Fruit charcoal also has shortcomings, that is, the burning time is not long enough. After all, it is made of raw charcoal, and it is not as compact as the mechanism charcoal.

Fruit charcoal classification: The fruit charcoal raw materials on the market basically include apple charcoal, lychee charcoal, and jujube charcoal. In fact, these raw materials do not have any effect on the finished product. For example, the barbecued lychee charcoal does not have lychee flavor. These are simply selected locally, depending on the environment in which the plant grows. What really affects the finished product is the production process.

Now go out for a barbecue, the basic belt is fruit charcoal, because the ignition is really convenient.

1, ignition time:

It’s so shocking that you can ignite a piece in 1 minute, then let it sit quietly with other charcoal. We can prepare other things ourselves. When it is all burned, it can be baked, which is about 10 minutes. Just take a match and don't need other combustion-supporting products. The state in the photo is about the time it takes 5-6 minutes to burn.

2. Burning time:

After burning all about one hour at a time, the burning time is really a bit short, but it is a matter of adding more charcoal, it does not affect the barbecue.

3, the amount of smoke, heat, smell

As can be seen from the photos, there is basically no smoke, unless it is when the oil is dripping into the fire, a lot of smoke will appear. There is no difference between calories and ordinary mechanical charcoal. From ignition to extinction, it is a kind of firewood smell, and there is no other artificial ignition. It can be said that it is a barbecue charcoal with a great experience.

Second, the mechanism charcoal

What distinguishes it from the native fruit charcoal is the charcoal that now dominates the market. If fruit charcoal is still more popular among people drinking tea, then the mechanism charcoal is the number one choice for all kinds of barbecue commercial households. After all, it is economical and durable.

Commonly there are two types of long strips and spheres. Long strips are more durable than spherical charcoal, which is relatively large in size, and secondly because strips of charcoal are more compact in the process of pressing. However, spherical charcoal is easier to ignite because the spherical volume is more easily surrounded by heat and burns more fully. The charcoal of the strip will encounter a small half of the burnt condition, but the spherical charcoal is basically completely burnt.

For the mechanism charcoal, the most troublesome thing is the ignition problem. Auxiliary ignition agents must be used, relying on some dry grass, not only slow, but also smokey, very troublesome. It is also a method to ignite on the mechanism charcoal with an edible oil in an emergency, but the open flame burns for a long time and can be grilled after the fire is extinguished.

The auxiliary items for charcoal ignition include a gas torch, a igniting wax, an alcohol block, and a wax stick. Let's talk about these kinds of experience.

First, the fire gun:

It is very useful and can be used repeatedly. Not only can it be used to ignite charcoal, but it can also be used as a small barbecue. Many scallops and oysters in Japan are heated at the bottom with this gas torch.

It can also be used for baking, barbecue coloring, and focus on this barbecue coloring. There is a method of making barbecue in foreign countries. First, vacuum the large pieces of meat, then put them into a low-temperature cooking machine to cook the desired degree of ripeness, and then use the surface of the spray gun to color. This will ensure the raw and cooked taste of the food and avoid the scorching of the surface.


First, the ignition wax:

Safe and easy to use, it is more expensive.

Second, the alcohol block:

Cheap and easy to use, basically this is the case for households and commercials, but it is indeed a bit worse.

Third, wax wood:

These two years have just appeared, few brands have done this, and we have done it. But it's really easy to use, not expensive, it's safer and safer than alcohol. First of all, he is natural wood, which is healthier than wax and alcohol, and is more suitable for home use. Secondly, it can continue to burn for about 10 minutes, and the heat is also very high. I have tried to build 8 strips of carbon, as shown below:

How do charcoal, mechanical charcoal, and barbecue charcoal work easier to ignite?

Only one wax stick was placed in the middle, and the charcoal was ignited for about 15 minutes, which was very good.


Finally, make a barbecue point charcoal summary:


1, mechanism charcoal (spherical / strip) + wax wood + matches


2, mechanism charcoal (bar) + alcohol block / ignition wax + spray gun


Case 1: You buy the strip mechanism charcoal, then the insurance point is equipped with a gas torch, because the strip pressure is more encrypted, it is not easy to ignite, you need to add a spray gun to assist, if you have enough patience, then more Wait a minute. Case 2: Buying a spherical mechanism of carbon, then using a pilot wax or an alcohol block is enough.


3, fruit charcoal + matches


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