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一. Food Heater Bag
1, The newest product from company coming: Food heater bag.
2, What is the food heater bag?
MRE (meals ready to eat ),Ration Heater
3, How to use it ?
Open the bag and put into the packaged foodor drink then join 2-2.5 double the water . After about 30-60 seconds the heater bag start work.
4, How long the food is ok for eating.
About 12-15 mins.
5, Sure be safe ?
Yes it is safe and clean. Simple and convenient, easy to carry .Widely used for outdoor camping, travel, military and other fields.
二. Hexamine Solid Fuel
1, What is thematerial of solid fuel?
Hexamine solid fuel .
2, which size?
Round style, cubes style : 4.5*4.5*1-1.5 or 3.5*2.5*1-1.5 cm
3. What is the use and safety?
Ignition temperature: 263 degrees Celsius, a match and direct contact with the flame lit in 4 seconds calorific value of 31 million focal/kg.
burning time: 25 g fuel can be 12 to 15 minutes, the flame temperature can reach 600 ℃, can boil one of rice or one kilogram of water heated to 100 ℃.Soak in water for 10 minutes don't change. don't burn down part, can continue to use the next time.
hard, hard like compressed biscuits.
Safe and clean.Simple and convenient ,easy to carry . Widely used for outdoor camping, travel, military and other fields.
And the same timeit is the good fire starter , Widely used in daily life, especially the Middle East. Africa ect.
4, What is the advantage?
Military fuel is foreign army is to use a wide range of individual military fuel, Britain, Germany, the United States, Malaysia, Singapore and other countries the army during the second world war had begun to use, has not use other alternatives. With high calorific value, burning time is long, no residue, smoke-free non-toxic, white is hard and easy to carry, waterproof and moistureproof, explosion impact security, etc.With the development of tourism industry, the continuous improvement of people's living standard, the safety and health of green environmental protection fuel will undoubtedly become the first choice for camping trip the border troops of content use and long-distance outdoor, survival, camping, hiking, exploration, barbecue, emergency rescue, family, hotels, hot pot city, as well as scientific research, sailing, fishing, construction, military training, mountaineering tourism, and other places, is making the hot pot, barbecue, and cooking, cooking, and the heat source of choice for field workers. It has white nontoxic, small volume, high heat, strong firepower, carry, use safety, product non-volatile, long-term storage and long-distance transportation. Long shelf life (not bad natural environment conservation for more than two years), don't split open a case to save time for 4-6 years (dry place preservation time up to 10 years), etc.