Types of Charcoal


There are two types charcoal: vine charcoal or compressed. Vine from fine-grained charcoal made from wood such as willow, is long and thin branches found. It is classified as soft, medium or hard. Vine cube shisha charcoal goes lightly, more likely than dark gray. Softer grade smear and erase beautiful, but often a powder or dust make it a little more fragile paper. It is ideal for drawing an initial stage or still value in the lighter areas.


Compressed charcoal is made by grinding Natural Bamboo Hookah Charcoal and compressing it into sticks with a binder like clay. Compressed charcoal gives rich, deep blacks, goes on smoothly, and tends to adhere to paper more instead of dusting off. Compressed charcoal can be a very bold, intense black and often takes some practice to learn to develop a softer touch. You can find compressed charcoal in square or round sticks and often in different grades similar to pencils (HB, 2B, 4B, etc.) with the softer grades (3B and up) being very black. I love the Conte round sticks of compressed charcoal, but also regularly use the inexpensive square Alphacolor Char-Kole sticks and the softer, round sticks from Richeson or Yarka. Laying a stick of charcoal on its side is a great way to fill in large areas or to focus on large, sweeping gestures, while the sharp edges are excellent for fine lines and details.

 cube shisha charcoal

The combination of grapes and graphics, compressed charcoal can give you value most from the entire range of the lightest gray and black between each minor change. shisha coconut shell charcoal is also very cheap to use. Masterpieces have been created less than a piece of paper and charcoal sticks. There are very satisfactory and useful things about these simple materials to make art. If you want to learn more, visit: faham-easylite.

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