People have gone to great lengths to make the ultimate hookah, but it's really no further than your local market. Pick up some juice, apple, grape, fruit punch, any mix you want or can think of. While you're there, pick up some produce to, a small melon, an orange, lemon, lime, apple, orany of the softer, smaller fruits will do. You might as well pick up some ice, too, while you're at it, unless, of course, you have an ice maker at the house.


Now unpack your hookah, pack the bowl, or if you're feeling particularly industrious, carve the apple from the middle out into a cone, leaving the outside and the skin intact. Instead of using the porcelain bowl, use the apple. Just sprinkle some tobacco in it and proceed as normal, foil, coals, etcetera. Next, empty the juice you bought into the case to the point where you'd normally fill it with water. If you think it might be too strong, you can dilute it to desired strength. For those of legal drinking age, you can put cheap liquor in the base for an added buzz, but beware, it is intoxicating, so make sure you're not driving.


Slice up your fruit, drop a couple of pieces in the base, and throw some ice in there as well. Now assemble it, light it up, and prepare to be impressed, though, just as a forewarning, it may take a few sessions to get it just right.


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